Year 9 Information

As a Year 9 student you will choose 8 courses in Semester 1 and 8 courses in Semester 2: You will ONLY choose Semester 1 courses but please do have a look at what is on offer in Semester 2.

  • You must choose 1 course from the compulsory areas of English, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics & Statistics, Sciences and Social Sciences for each semester. Read through these and favourite the ones you like. 
  • Some courses cover 2 areas for example, Train to Gain covers Health & Physical Education and Science.
  • The Health and Physical Education course is compulsory in one of your semesters.
  • You must take an Arts, Language and Technology in at least one semester. 
  • Algebra is compulsory in Semester 2 and is already chosen for you as part of your 8 courses.