Textile and Fashion Technology 121 - Te Hangarau Pūeru ā te Tāera Kākahu 121

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 19040507

Students will complete projects that develop skills in research, project planning, fashion illustration, outcome design, prototyping, and garment construction. They will develop their thinking, design and practical skills in this specialist area. The Year 11 course is semester based and students can choose to take one or both semesters of the course. Our programme aims to develop basic problem solving skills through design thinking, risk taking, collaboration and intelligent failure.

Learning Areas:



Textile and Fashion Technology 201 - Te Hangarau Pūeru ā te Tāera Kākahu 201

Career Pathways

Patternmaker, Tailor/Dressmaker, Cutter, Fashion Designer, Sewing Machinist, Jeweller, Make-up Artist, Model, Photographer, Garment Technician