Design and Visual Communication 301 - Te Mahi Hoahoa ā te Whakawhitiwhiti Ataata 301

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 19040507

Level 3 DVC builds on visual literacy design capabilities learnt at Levels 1 and 2,  with in-depth understanding of drawing systems, presentation technique, model making and use of computer aided design. Students will develop this in-depth understanding of design elements and principles in a real-world scenario. Design briefs are more open-ended, with students taking ownership and having more of an input into identifying needs or opportunities within a spatial or product design context. Our programme aims to develop in-depth problem solving skills through design thinking, risk taking, collaboration and intelligent failure. 

This is a University Entrance approved subject and will be beneficial to students who are interested in areas where critical thinking, creativity and innovation are important qualities.

Learning Areas: