Classical Studies 111 - Whakaakoranga Puāwaitanga 111

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: 19040598

Students will learn about the classical world through the mythological stories of the Greek gods, to the adventures of epic heroes and their heroic feats, and the historical events of the ancient Greeks and Romans that have shaped our current society. 

Students will learn about ancient Greek and Roman civilisations and will cover art, philosophy, architecture, society, politics, drama, literature and history. This involves looking at all aspects of a society in order to piece together what life, beliefs and values would have been like of the people of that time alongside the major historical events of the period. Students can choose to take one or both semesters of the Level 1 course.

Learning Areas:

Semester 1 - Year 11, Senior Social Science


Classical Studies 201 - Whakaakoranga Puāwaitanga 201