9/10 Train to Gain 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

Do you have aspirations to develop your skills to the next level in your chosen sport? Experience high performance training, set SMART goals, learn methods and principles of training as well as learning how the human body functions, how it responds to physical activity and some of the systems responsible for these changes. This course would be great for anyone thinking about training for an event or sport, for someone who likes working out or individuals who love learning about the body. 

  • Learn in, through, and about movement, understand and appreciate movement through specific sporting contexts. 
  • Develop your motor skills, knowledge and understanding of movement through the biophysical principles such as exercise physiology, anatomy, methods and principles of training. 
  • Learn how to collect, explore and look for relationships using sports data to solve problems and communicate findings.


Learning Areas:

Health & Physical Education: Semester 1 Yr 9 & 10, Science: Semester 1 Yr 9 & 10, Semester 1: Year 9 & 10