9/10 Dare to Lead 1

Course Description

Teacher in Charge:

This life-skills journey will equip and empower you to tap into your full potential as a life-long leader. This course will inspire and empower you by exploring past examples of people in societies who have made an impact locally and on the world. We will look to unlock and navigate your unique skill-set to develop resilience, self awareness, improve your teamwork skills, and confidence in a variety of situations so that you understand what it really means to be, think and act like a leader. Through collaboration with the community you will use your own interests to partake in a community service project as part of a social action plan. Not tomorrow, but today! 

  • How have the ideas and actions of people in the past and present had a significant impact on people’s lives? 
  • What is leadership and why does it matter? 
  • How can I make a difference in my community?


Learning Areas:

Semester 1: Year 9 & 10, Social Sciences: Semester 1 Yr 9 & 10