10 Te Tupuranga 2 (Te Reo Māori)

Course Description

By the end of Te Tupuranga, you will be equipped to cope with a variety of routine situations when talking to speakers of Te Reo Māori. You will be able to use familiar language with some flexibility and pick up some new language from its context, read and write simple notes and short letters, and fill out simple forms. You can also use and respond to language, including directions and requests, that are likely to occur in familiar Māori settings. You will become more confident in using a range of language learning strategies. 

This course is a follow on from the Year 9 course and covers an in-depth range of knowledge about identity, whakapapa, kinship and politeness conventions. Throughout the year, you will revise and further develop simple structures in introducing yourself and further develop your mihimihi with the use of pepeha and broader terms and structures for whakapapa. 

  • How does Te Reo Māori and Māori culture shape identity and belonging in New Zealand?