10 Inside the Human Mind 2

Course Description

Have you ever wondered why people do evil actions? In this course you will explore who you are in group situations and how our identity changes with group thinking. You will look at examples from history and will build knowledge around the psychology of conformity and obedience. 

You will collaborate and create using the scientific method to design a social experiment seeing how we conform in group situations. Throughout history there are examples of people conforming to situations that are against their own moral code. We will study some examples from history. The challenge is would we be any different today? We will devise an experiment to test this assumption. 

  • What groups do you belong to or identify with? 
  • Does group identity give you an advantage? 
  • What are your values? 
  • Do your values change in group situations? Why? 
  • How do the psychological concepts of conformity, groupthink and obedience influence us?