10 Money Money Money 1

Course Description

Do you want to know how to make money work for you and be able to make informed financial decisions in your future? This Money course will provide you with the opportunity to understand the jargon adults talk about over the dinner table. The course will cover core financial literacy skills like budgeting, interest, the various bank accounts available, credit cards, exchange rates, KiwiSaver and much much more. You will also work in groups to develop a viable business idea for Blenheim. What does Blenheim need and how can you fill that gap in the market? You will be collaborating in groups to develop a business for market day. Your business will involve product design, logo, target market and a marketing plan, as well as the price and place of your business and product. 

  • How to manage and build financial decision making skills.
  • How to equip oneself with effective money skills in your daily life and in the future.
  • What are the rights and responsibilities of consumers in modern society and the wider impact of everyday consumers and financial decisions? 
  • To identify authentic local business opportunities, including feasibility and promotions.