9 Mountains to Sea - KI UTA KI TAI Life on the Land 1

Course Description

You will explore how humans impact our environment with a focus on the mountains to the rivers and the sea. By learning how to use your understanding of mathematical, scientific and social science concepts, as well as Matauranga Māori, you will make your own conclusions regarding the sustainability of human actions. You will also get involved in Citizen Science. Humans have had major impacts on our environment. Our learning will begin on the land and then journey through freshwater and into the sea. You will make informed management decisions using their knowledge of Kaitiakitanga and Ecosystem Based Management.  

You will work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 15 - Life on the land: 

  • What is the impact of human activity on mountains, rivers and oceans with a focus on plants and animals?
  • How do I make a decision from other people's perspectives in order to minimise human impact on the ecosystems on the mountains, rivers and oceans? 
  • How do I use kaitiakitanga and ecosystem based management to inform the decision making process?

Whakamana te maunga Whakamana te wai He mauri o ngā tangata Ngā mea katoa he pai
If we look after the water from the mountains to sea, it will look after us. It is our life force.