9/10 Ancients Alive 1

Course Description

Ever wanted to visit Zeus and the Olympians on Mt Olympus? Or what about participating in an Egyptian mummification process? This introductory course to Ancient History and Classical Studies offers you the opportunity to study the cultures of some of the world’s ancient and foremost civilizations. You will explore aspects of these civilisations and examine their myths and legends, important towns and cities and the important historical events that help shape and develop them, as leading civilisations. Help bring these civilisations into the 21st Century by combining your knowledge, inquiry skills and Minecraft to recreate them. 

  • How do people perceive, represent, interpret, and interact with places and environments? 
  • How can we use gamification to develop a world that shows relationships between people and an environment of your own from ideation?
  • How do people's management of resources impact the environment and social sustainability?